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Authorized Perfectos Ink Distributor in China

GF-2000 Fabric Label Cutting Machine

Automatic machine to process printed ribbons.  Designed and engineered using advanced technology and premium components, the "Golden Gear Brand" cutting machine allows to obtain perfectly cut labels.


The cutting machines are simple and intuitive, with this fully automatic mechanical and electronic machine, even an unqualified operator can easily control different machines simultaneously.


We supplies high quality and high speed machines for cutting and folding the textile labels, as well as maintaining optimum quality of the finished labels,  which is indispensable to avoid costly disputes.  Machines are able to cut care labels in nylon taffeta, cotton, satin and polyester in cold cut, hot cut or ultrasonic cutting technology.


Hot/ Cold Cut Single Machines

GF-2030S Cold Cutting

GF-2030SD Hot Cutting

Ultrasonic Cut Single Machines

GF-2030S1 Cold Cutting


~ cold scissor cutting

~ cut printed labels in

  polyester satin/ cotton/

  nylon taffeta/ paper/




~ hot fusion cutting

~ cut label in single

~ cut printed labels in        

  polyester satin/ cotton

~ stacker unit



~cold cutting + punching

~cut printed labels in

 polyester satin/ cotton/

 nylon/ taffeta/ paper


GF-2080A1 Tabel Top


~ ultrasonic cutting

~ polyester satin

~ table top unit, attach

  to thermal printers


GF-2080A Standalone


~ ultrasonic cutting

~ polyester satin

~ standalone unit

~ with conveyor belt

GF-2080B Standalone


~ ultrasonic cutting

~ polyester satin

~ high speed cutting

~ with conveyor belt

GF-2080D1 Multi Angle


~ ultrasonic cutting

~ polyester satin

~ multi angle cutting