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Authorized Perfectos Ink Distributor in China

GF-3100 Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine (Simplified Version)



~ 1 color printing

~ polyester satin/nylon

   taffeta/cotton printing


Screen Printing Machine

A washing/care label on a textile product gives the consumer useful information about product maintenance.  Not only it provides information of the fibre content, but also provides the washing instruction to tell the consumer how to look after the product in order to maximize the useful life of the textile product.  


The most common fabrics for these care labels are nylon taffeta, cotton, satin and polyester.  


"Golden Gear Brand" supplies high quality and high speed machines for printing the textile label or ribbons.  


Extra equipment such as Gold Foiling Printing Device, Elastic Tape Printing Device, Medium Wave Infra-Red Dryer can be added to the machine separately.  For further information, please contact us via email.


We are able to offer three types of screen printing machine, the GF-3100 Simplified Version, the GF-3000DI the standard version, and the GF-3000DIS the registration tracking version.  



~ 2 colors printing

~ polyester satin/nylon

   taffeta/cotton printing




~ 1 front/ 1back color

~ polyester satin/nylon